Fart jokes: the utmost in class.

I promised I’d talk about PopCon, and even though it’s old news at this point (I consider anything that happened even just yesterday to be old news), I’ll let you know how it went. I met some very nice people, some of whom said some nice things and some of whom picked up the preview booklet flipped through it and politely set it down because their fight or flight response kicked in. I don’t actually have a right proper way to gauge how successfully it went in terms of getting new readers, so I can only assume I am now the most popular thing on the internet. Yes, even more so than those cat memes everyone loves so much.

A couple interesting highlights: someone donated monies to the site! It was really unexpected, going a little something like this: “Do you take donations?” “Oh. Um. No? Um what?” *pulls out wallet* “AH! No, really, it’s okay!” And then an inadequate thank-you. I should’ve gotten his name so I could mention it here. That was the first money I’ve ever made off artistic exploits. So, thank you, kind sir, I hope by making a classy fart joke I’m not letting you down.

Other thing: guy who was somewhat confused what I was gaining by handing out free booklets. “So people go to your site and you get ad revenue?” To which I sort of cocked my head to the side and blinked. I think my friend (who was kind enough to sit at the table with me for the duration of the weekend, and talk when I froze up) responded. But it was one of those things that makes me question my own motives… I thought I just did this for fun? I guess trying to get more readers means that’s not entirely true. I decided in 2010 that my dream is to someday have a table at a for realsies comic convention. So there you go. That’s what I’m hiding from you. Plans for world domination something innocuous.