This week I’ve learned that human relationships are exactly what I thought they were. That is to say, completely 100% accurate to the way they’re depicted in Harvest Moon games. In several of them, if you don’t pay attention to the villagers (or if you go out of your way to, say, bludgeon them with farm tools*), they’ll move away. Transferred to real life, they’ll mostly just stop talking to you, but as with HM, I can’t be arsed to care beyond a newspost where I come to the realization that everything I ever need to know about real life can be learned from video games.

On an unrelated note, Angelica helped write this week’s Loneliest Princess and I’ve only now credited her for it. A private message for her eyes only: please don’t move away, no one else’ll cater to my “and now I’m dedicating my life to the X-Files” whims.


*Katie from Magical Melody called me fat one time and it still makes me mad.