If someone wants to get me a body pillow of Kevin from the new Ghostbusters, I would not complain.

And now to do as the title suggests and offer my unsolicited advice (or at least something I’ve come to understand from personal experience):

I would still be with my first boyfriend if he had been willing to work on our relationship problems. Not because we were good together or because I loved him. I thought, if I worked hard enough, I would come to love him. I have since learned that, yes, it does take work to be in a relationship. Of course it does! Unless you’re the same person (or operating in a hive mind), it is always going to require compromise and communication and effort on everyone’s part to make a relationship last. BUT. It doesn’t take work to love someone. And loving someone makes doing the work worthwhile.

…Well that was grossly sappy, I must say. :/ Better go back to short posts and not make a habit of this.