This would’ve been a really good one for tablet using. Which reminds me, I AM SO SICK OF MY TABLET NOT WORKING. Can I bring my computer somewhere to be fixed? Is that still a thing? I’m pretty sure they’d just reboot it which I can do myself, if I were so inclined… buh. It takes me months and months to finally attempt things. Any things. All the things.

Anyway, I’m totally shojo’d out at the moment. I found a box of comic books I totally forgot I had and after re-reading one of them, found later volumes in the series at a thrift shop. It was like fate, but with more time wasting! It’s not a very good series at all, but I kind of like that it’s a supernatural murder-filled comic that also has superfluous flower backgrounds and sparkles. As god intended.

Reading right proper comic books makes me wanna start a long-form story comic. I’m sure I don’t have the time or patience for such a project though. Maybe someday. When I finally attempt all the things.