IT LIVES! ubothsuck(dot)com is not dead!

So. I may have said something last time but I don’t remember because it was a month ago and I can’t be arsed to look. For whatever reason I thought making remaking old UBSes for Web Toons (check it out here!*) would take maybe two hours per strip instead of the 4-6 I spend on new ones. Why I didn’t realize that a remake and a currentmake would take the same amount of time is beyond me. BUT.

What I’m trying to say is, my time management is super wonky right now. On the one hand, I can’t quit my full-time paying job, on the other, I want to make all the things, on a third hand (possibly coming out of my chest?) I’ve really been neglecting the ol’ Self Care over the last few months and need to not push myself lest my fragile little mind breaks. It’s. Difficult. Never grow up, kids.






*Where it’s now called “Rite, But Waffling” and if you have an account you should give it little hearts because those are the only metric that matters to me as a Zelda fan and it has the least of all the comics I’ve started posting there and it’s kind of disHEARTening (oh ho ho but really).