I was in a really bad place last week. As much as I hate that I’ve already missed a deadline this year, I don’t regret skipping it while I felt like the world was ending. Not that I had any reason to feel that way. Sigh. Brain chemicals. They’ll be the death of me. If comics aren’t first.

Doing much better this week. Aside from feeling super jealous of my boyfriend who has been playing video games for the past few hours while I’ve been comicking. As if to rub salt in the wound, I can see him laughing and having fun with The Stanley Parable, a game I’ve wanted to play since I first heard about it a million years ago. >.<

Oh! If you don’t follow me on Twitter (or tumblr, or blogger, or aren’t my friend on Facebook*), last Monday was Hourly Comics Day and I participated again! It’s my favorite day of the year. 😀


*If you follow me on all those things, I’m so sorry I’ve been spamming you with that link over and over and over…. and now, over.