I don’t know if I’ve come to hate this because I’ve been working on it for 8 hours, or if it really is flippin awful. Will have to re-assess later.

The whole point of suddenly doing an arc was so I could do a strip like this; one that could serve as an end to the comic. The end is something I’ve been tossing around for a while now, and since yesterday was the two year anniversary it seems like as good a time as any. But wait! ubothsuck(dot)com isn’t ending!

Allow me to elaborate: today’s comic heralds in a new era (oh my god that was a really pretentious way of saying this). Updates will continue as usual on Wednesday and Saturdays, but I’m going to make comics about whatever I want for the rest of the month. I guess it’s sort of like a usual-content hiatus. Once April rolls around I’ll make including classic ubothsuck(dot)com (ie: Dr. Rite and company) fair game under ‘whatever I want’.

Did I explain that in a way that makes sense?

I’ll try again Wednesday.