I was hoping if I waited to post this until morning I’d have something interesting to say. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Um. I’ve started mentally preparing myself for the new year, even though it’s a couple months off. A few things are going to have to be juggled around, I think, to make room for other things. Or I might have to lay off the Netflix? But that sounds AWFUL.

Current suggested categories (off the top of my head): “Gory British Horror Movies”, “Imaginative Children’s and Family Movies”, “Scary Supernatural TV Shows”, something about “Witty Comedies” and “Visually Striking Action/Sci-Fi”. Putting that out there so no one can blackmail me about my instant queue/recently watched list. Do people do that? Cos I probably would go along with that if it meant no one would find out I’ve been watching the Disney Fairy movies and Ghost Hunt.