Got a project/tumblr/whatever you wanna call it going up soon. Before Wednesday, so I’ll talk about it more on the next update. Preeeetty excited about it.

Less exciting is reading (wouldn’t it be funny if the sentence ended there?) about how some people think if you’re a pretty girl liking geeky things, you are clearly faking an interest. Articles I’m linking to are responses. I think the most offensive part is where the dude said a girl who is a six outside the nerd realm (is that a thing?) is a nine within it. Ouch, dude. I’m at least a seven no matter where I am*. ; )

Possibly his main point was meant to be about girls who are paid to be at these functions, but he shouldn’t be mad at THEM about it. They’re just doing their jobs. If you don’t enjoy being treated like you’re some sort of mindless hormone machine who will buy anything endorsed by hot chicks, TELL COMPANIES THAT. If enough people speak up, it’ll go away. And then those same companies will start listening about how they should pander to MY libido. Booth Hunks. THAT IS ALL.



*OR what I like.