Author’s note: don’t drink entire bottles of cold medicine, even if you see someone doing it in one of your favorite webcomics. Or one of your least favorite. Or just one you’ve stumbled upon for the first time. Hi there!

Man, so I am never going to make fun of Teh Animes plots where someone very suddenly gets sick ever again. Because, apparently, that kind of thing can totally happen. I was on a roadtrip Thursday and was perfectly fine until we’d made it back to town. THEN OH MY GOD. First I got a nosebleed which just went EVERYWHERE (not the first time this has happened, maybe someday I’ll make a comic about my first sort-of date). Then, once that finally stopped, all sorts of other things decided they wanted to drip out of my face! >:o

It was quite miserable, but spending all day Friday in bed reading manga was probably an over-reaction. Or it was the cure? …I *am* better now… hmmm… clearly I should replace multivitamins with comic books.