I had to go look what my resolutions were last year because I honestly couldn’t remember:

“I’m resolving to try advertising again, be more consistent with my update times, and to make more youtube videos. That last one should be pretty easy as I only made two last year. Oopsie. Where did you goooooo, Twenty Tweeeeeelve?”

Where did you goooooo, Twenty Thirteeeeeeeen?

I did the video one… maybe I should make that one again. Oh and, hey, the reason there isn’t a BSV today is because I’m trying to get all next week’s updates done early so they can automatically update while I’m on my super special birthday trip visiting my… boyfriend? Just leaving that word there. Fully expect to read about how that freaked him out in Saturday’s newspost. Good times.

Happy 2014, everybody! It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it.