There have been a LOT of developments since I last posted!

Firstly, I got a ko-fi! It’s basically a tip jar which I am using to take requests and will get set-up for commissions, if there’s any interest. What’s the difference between a request and a commission? A request I’d take a prompt (read: “draw Waluigi!”, “draw something from Spider-Verse!”) and draw it how I want; a commission I’d take direction and try to get what the commissioner wants. (EDIT: I remembered I made a post about this and talking price over on ko-fi!)

I also signed up for Patreon! …I’m not linking it just yet. Between the two sites I’ve been getting a lot of “here’s how to get supporters you sad person” emails, and since I can’t defend myself to them, let me do it to you. I haven’t wanted to get going on a fundraising platform because I know I don’t have a large enough audience yet. BUT. Patreon was rolling out changes that made everyone say, “IT’S NOW OR NEVER” and I am nothing if not a lemming. This… is not the best defense. :/

Anyway. I have some changes I want to make there before I link it. Ko-Fi is the thing I am actually excited to do. I need to figure out how to do both.

Have I linked my Instagram? I got one of those now too. As you can tell from these announcements, I am really wanting to increase my output. But. That leads me to the next thing.

I have been struggling with hand pain for probably five years now. I’ve gotten to a point where sometimes I can’t work through it to draw. Getting on all these additional platforms and continuing comics probably isn’t the best idea, but I’m also terrified that a doctor is going to tell me I have limited hand usage left. I’ve finally made a doctor’s appointment for it, so I guess we’ll see next month if they hand me an hourglass marked, “how long you have to get all your ideas out on paper.” I’m deeeeeefiiinneeeteeelllyyyy not going to be an anxious mess until then. Nope.