Why isn’t there a Bruce Banner/Hulk “You Aren’t You When You’re Hungry” Snickers commercial? It could open on the Hulk smashin shit up and just generally being Hulky and then Chris Evans comes up shirtless (because shut-up this is my hypothetical commercial and Captain America is shirtless in it, okay? GEEZ) and tells him to eat a Snickers cos “You tend to get a little angry when you’re hungry.” So Hulk takes a bite and becomes Bruce Banner.

Bonus points if the commercial ends with the rest of the Avengers fighting some monster in the background bein all, “Uh, hey, Bruce? Maybe you should put down that Snickers and help out…”

Actually, I can answer my own question: they can’t be sponsored by Snickers as they’re already sponsored by Reese’s, which is a different company (Mars v. Hershey’s). I’ll just have to settle for the Reese’s ‘Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!’.