Dr. Rite’s idea of getting gussied up for a date involves throwing a button-up shirt over her regular clothing which, to be fair, is pretty boy-like. She stole that shirt from Luke and sewed a bandaid on the pocket…

I’m excited to announce: I made a guest comic! Which you can go see! It’s for a comic called “No Heart” which you can check out here: noheartcomic.tumblr.com Actually, ubothsuck updates so late in the week that I  have TWO guest strips over there (did I just blow your mind?). For future reference the individual posts can be found here: KALINKED and here: KALINKED AGAIN

I’ve had a chance to correspond with one of the fellows responsible for the strip and he seems really swell*! So check it out!**



*People who put up with my space cadet way of writing/correspondence are all pretty swell… are you reading this? YOU’RE SWELL TOO 🙂

**Obviously, I can’t make you, but if you’re bored and on the internet (why else would you be here if you weren’t?…on the internet that is *cough*) what have you got to lose?