(My power keeps dipping and it makes me want to punch my entire town… maybe third time’s the charm writing this newspost.)

There wasn’t a comic Saturday! Or technically Wednesday (hello from Thursday, Future Readers Who Might Not’ve Noticed This Was Late!)! You’d think I’d feel bad about it, but I really can’t muster the energy to! …Why’d that get an exclamation point? At any rate, I’m sorting through some stuff, nothing to worry about (kind of the opposite, really). This Saturday’s comic is already written (no thanks to me, thanks entirely to a friend) so I’ll get that done Friday. Thinking aloud, don’t mind me. And by aloud I mean awritten.

Next month is going to be crazy, so I really need to get a leg-up on everything. Gotta work harder! And possibly fix my super effed up sleep schedule? Good times, they are a-comin’!