Alright, it’s about time I explained a thing (if I haven’t already): when I chose Wednesday and Saturday as my updating days, it was because my best friend had Wednesdays and Thursdays off. So I figured I could get comics done Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (as I share a vehicle and wouldn’t leave until nighttime to hang out) and then Friday or Saturday. This is no longer the case. Since she has Saturdays off, I just go over there as early as I can and hang out until 8 o’clock or so at night.

Honestly, if she were single, or I liked her boyfriend, I would be over there even longer. She is brilliant; I like spending time with her. That’s that.

Except. EXCEPT. I’m supposed to treat making comics very professionally, because it’s something I want to take seriously (as evidenced by butt/fart jokes). Spending Friday and Saturday not getting my deadline done, is not taking my comic-making seriously. I just want to take this opportunity to semi-apologize. Semi because I’m not acting in a manner befitting someone who posts things to view for free on the internet, and apologizing because I hope to make a more conscious effort in the future to get this done on Friday.

Someone remind me I made this promise… or to come back and erase this newspost.