I have lots of stuff to talk about today! First: I have released a game! Well, visual novel, if you want to pick hairs. It’s about the apocalypse and you can find it for MAC/PC* download here. It’s free! Anyway, normally I release a thing, mention it once, and then leave you alone about it, but I may end up bringing this up a couple times because I worked really, really hard on this and am quite proud of myself for finishing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Secondly: after all that huffing and puffing about revamping the comic, I have clearly just cut one off the same old block. Or however you say that. I’m considering taking a break to do something story based for a month or so? We’ll see.

Thirdly: I received a nice note from a reader! It was very encouraging (thank you again, if you’re reading this!)ย and has made me wonder if I should make myself more contactable. As is, you can get ahold of me on Twitter @stacimcintyre, or Tumblr @medicatedbeyondfunctionprincess. Going to look into getting an email address thrown into the mix if neither of those are your jazz. ๐Ÿ˜€




*There will likely never be an iOS version because I don’t want to deal with the app store.