Heads up: the comic’s gonna keep looking like this until I get a replacement pen nib. Oh, and Dr. Rite comics resume Wednesday.

Now, can I talk about a movie I watched on the Netflix for a moment? It was one of those ‘Because You Watched’ recommendations, stemming from ‘The Frighteners’ (Frighteners is one of my Secret Favorite movies NOW YOU KNOW.) It’s called ‘Night of the Comet’ and I think I might love it. I put it on this morning because it looked like something I could have on in the background while I worked, without being distracted by it. Instead, I was immediately entranced.

There’s a bit in the first ten minutes where one of the main girls is slapped by her stepmother, so she slaps her back, harder, only to be PUNCHED ACROSS THE ROOM:


Unambiguous evil will never cease to be funny to me (disclaimer: in media).  Something like this happens later with the main villains (I won’t spoil it), where they might as well put up a sign that says “We’re Evil, Don’t Feel Bad When We Get Our Just-Desserts”.

Other thing that totally happens: Robert Beltran. Dressed/acting like a cowboy. For no discernible reason.

notc2This is, of course, when the last time we saw him he was dressed as Santa. But at least I know why he did that.

Night of the Comet made my day is what I’m getting at. I’m making a mental note to try and watch it again around Christmas, because OH YEAH it’s a Christmas movie, too (You know, like how Die Hard is).