Sorry the site’s kind of a mess at the moment. The good thing is the Twitter/Facebook problem was solved by switching from ComicPress to Comic Easel, the bad thing is after spending several hours on it, I still can’t find the strings of CSS I need to change to make this look the way I want. Will hopefully have time to work on it within the next couple of days.

Speaking of hopefully having time to work on things, if you follow the BSV Facebook you may have noticed I teased wanting to post the next chapter of Paranormal America sometime in this first week of October… yeah… about that… I got it all drawn up but haven’t had a chance to digitally ink it. At this point I could wait for my new tablet (!) that I’ll hopefully be able to find in town this weekend, but we’ll see if I find some time before that.

Edit: Nope. Gonna hafta order one online.