Ahhhh… it’s nice to be back. You’d think being bedridden would be good for productivity, but it turns out when you’re sick enough to be bedridden, you’re too sick to be productive. Thankfully, that’s over now: I’m eating solid food and not sleeping for 16+ hours a day. Next thing you know I’ll be dressing myself and watching the news.

And now to announce some things! …Things I’d hoped to be farther along on before announcing but, well, see the above paragraph for that.

First: My other comic, Bendy Straw Vampires, has ended. Well, this iteration has anyway. And actually, there’s one more strip that’ll go up when the next iteration launches. I haven’t been happy with the format for a while now, and since I’ve been having so many problems with the site, I’m going to use a different host for the new comic. More when it launches (hopefully before the end of the month, or the beginning of the next).

Second: I have a website launching! ubothsuck(dot)com doesn’t work as a central hub, so I’m getting one set-up. At the same time, there’re two pop culture projects that’re going to headquarter there. More when it launches!!